Dinner Menu

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Avvia style garlic bread – 9
With onion, garlic and cheddar cheese (V)

AVVIA marinated olives – 9
Garlic, herbs, toasted almonds (GF, V)

AVVIA Arancini – 16
Tomato risotto, mozzarella, truffle aioli (V)

Byron Bay Company Haloumi – 16
Cherry tomato, homemade basil pesto, rocket (V, GF req)

Seared sea scallops – 21
Roasted cauliflower, olive, preserved lemon, almond (GF req)

Sautéed prawns – 19
Crispy angel hair, spicy tomato chilli jam, salsa verde

Handmade prawn dumplings (steamed) – 19
Brandy lobster bisque and parmesan fume

Mongolian style baby back pork ribs – 16 (GF)

Twice cooked pork belly – 18
Sweet and sour cabbage, pineapple relish and apple puree (GF)

Toasted lamb pocket – 16
Pistachio, caramelised onion, Colombian salsa, minted yoghurt


Rib Eye Steak – 36
Mushroom ragout, parmesan cauliflower cake, truffled jus

Slow roasted lamb shoulder – 36
Roasted potato gratin, curry tomato sauce, winter vegetables, dried yoghurt (GF)

Crispy skin duck confit – 34
Homemade duck sausage, cannellini beans, bacon, tomato, thyme (GF)

Seared sea scallops – 34
Roasted cauliflower, olive, preserved lemon, almond (GF req)

Fish of the day – 33
Celeriac puree, green shallots, roasted fennel, mushroom broth (GF)

Baby back pork ribs – 28
Mongolian style glaze, French fries (GF)

Sautéed prawns – 32
Potato gnocchi, tomato, garlic, white wine, chilli, fresh parsley

Quinoa vegetable salad – 22
Mixed winter vegetables, toasted almonds, citrus vinaigrette (V, GF)

For additional vegetarian options please ask your wait staff

AVVIA is committed to purchasing and serving responsibly sourced seafood without compromising the future of our oceans.


Seasoned mixed vegetables – 9
With garlic and herbs (V, GF)

Mixed Leaf Salad – 9
House vinaigrette, parmesan cheese (V, GF)

Shoe String Fries – 9
Grana Padano parmesan, truffle oil (V)