AVVIA Wine Flight Experience

Avvia_Wine_FlightAVVIA is proud to offer something unique to the Gold Coast. Choose a wine flight to allow for easy sampling from our head chef Eddie Uzan’s home town of Katzrin in Israel.

One place in Israel enjoys ideal conditions, as in Bordeaux or Tuscany, for producing internationally renowned wines. In the Golan Heights, in this breathtaking stip of land, everything begins with the right conditions – volcanic basaltic soil, suitable topography and cool high-altitude climate. This unique combination is whta gives the Golan Heights its second name – “wine country.”

Choose a 50ml sample of 3 wines from the list below

2012 Yarden Sauvignon Blanc
Slight aging in French oak enhances the notes of complex fruit and herbs

2011 Yarden Chardonnay
A cool climate, high altitude and rocky volcanic soils present fruit with butter and oak

2006 Yarden Pinot Noir
An Elegant and complex wine with floral and spiced oak notes and a hint of vanilla

2009 Yarden Merlot
Orange zest and berry characters with a layer of rich oak and vanilla

2009 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon
Complex layers of berry, blackcurrant, leather and oak.