Facts to Know About Fine Dining Restaurants

Fine dining restaurants are high-end eateries. Unlike casual establishments and cafes, fine dining restaurants cater to an upscale clientele and provide high-quality food. Along with fancy menus, these eateries boats of a formal atmosphere. They also offer wine lists and have a sommelier on duty to help you with wine-food pairings. That said, here are other standout attributes of fine dining restaurants.


Fine dining restaurants are a notch higher than most eateries. You can tell from the ambiance that these are not places for loud music and guests in ripped jeans. Usually, the dress code in fine dining eateries is official. In some cases, inappropriately dressed guests can be turned away.


Fine dining restaurants offer exceptional menu items. Albeit pricey, the portions in fine dining restaurants might be a bit smaller than in casual or family-style restaurants. But you can be sure that the food will be of a higher quality.


Besides dressing up decently, you also need to observe some dining etiquette. For instance, you should not place phones and keys on the dining table, always ask for assistance politely when in doubt, do not mention wine prices aloud, and make payment arrangements before having your meal.

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