Common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing is a core business function. Every business, restaurants included, has to market itself out there. Like with most areas of specialisation, it is not always easy to get everything right, especially if you are not a marketing specialist. Restaurant owners are bound to make mistakes when trying to make a name out there, some of which can be costly. That said, here are some common restaurant marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Lack of Brand Identity

A brand is essentially the identity of your business. However, most restaurant owners are casual about the brand, which ends up making their brand appear false and contrived. Ideally, anyone in the marketing department should commit to ensuring that the brand spills over from the name to the cuisine and the ambience.

Improvised Strategy

Restaurant marketing should be intentional in every regard. Unfortunately, some restaurant owners end up settling for improvised strategies that are not consistent with their values. This can be limiting in many ways. Therefore, you must establish a plan and a structure with your goals in mind.

Over Discounting

Even though promotions and discounts encourage sales, having discounts just for the sake of having them can be likened to a ‘mission in futility.’ Make sure that critical operational metrics inform your discounts policy and support your marketing efforts. This means that you have to make sure that you stand to gain from your discount.

Weak Online Presence

Your online presence is critical. While you might prefer tapping into social media, you must incorporate other elements of online marketing. For instance, most restaurants do not have a website, which limits their marketing efforts considerably. And it’s not just about having any website with your name; make sure you invest in a website that enhances your brand’s identity in every respect.

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